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Micro-Credentials in Professional Learning

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Welcome to ETHOS!

By flipping our professional learning, career coaches and facilitators will receive job-embedded coaching and will be supported by face to face, personalized support.

We will be available to collaborate with coaches on implementing these tools into their instruction/coaching as well as offering both face-to-face and virtual support and encouragement.

This platform was not designed to be used as a formal evaluation tool. Instead the purpose of this platform is to track, share, celebrate and be given credit for informal learning.

Each staff member has to create and present a learning portfolio at his/ her end of year evaluation conference. This learning portfolio articulates how they integrated what was learned during this time into professional practice.

We hope that ETHOS practitioners will be able to benefit greatly from this sustained initiative because of the professional learning flexibility an online platform provides as well as earning micro-credentials that document and showcase the skills they have gained by putting their learning into practice in the field.